LAX is our Focus today

Let’s look at flights out of LAX for the next 7 days.  Here are some great hidden city fares from LAX to…..

SAN FRANCISCO:  Airline price:  $219.  But make a hidden city booking to Portland via SFO and it comes down to CRAZY $77 most days…that’s approx 2/3 off!  If that’s not available on your day of travel, SWITCH YOUR TRAVEL DAYS, or book a hidden city airfare to Vancouver Canada via SFO for just $103.

ATLANTA:  Airline price:  $233-$274.  Bring that down to just $181 with hidden city ticketing to either Hartford or Charlotte on most days.

MIAMI:  Airline price:  $186-$190.  That’s actually a pretty respectable fare.   But why pay that when a hidden city airline ticket will bring it all the way down to just $120 by booking to Cancun via Miami most days.

WASHINGTON D.C.: Airline price: $196 (not bad) to $281 (not so good).  Hidden city airfares are available to Toronto via D.C. for just $181.

NEW YORK CITY:  Airline price: $374-$402 (next 4 days).  Get a hidden city deal of just $281 to Boston or Baltimore, or as low as $232 to Buffalo.

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