CHICAGO is today’s Focus City

Chicago is a city ripe with airline competition.  American and United both hub at O’hare, plus there’s intense price pressure from Southwest airlines at Chicago Midway airport, and every other major airline serves the city.  So quite often the prices quoted by the airlines are quite reasonable.  But then again, NOT ALWAYS, as shown by the examples below for flying out of Chicago in the next 7 days.

SAN FRANCISCO:  Airline price:  For Friday and Saturday, American is quoting a ridiculously great fare of just $112 non-stop.  Afterr that, however, it jumps up to $390 to $456.  If you need to fly Sunday or later, save yourself at least a hundred bucks by booking a hidden city fare to Sacramento with a San Francisco connection, and pay just $291.

DALLAS-FT. WORTH:  Airline price: $183.  That’s not a bad price, but you can knock it all the way down to $120 by buying a hidden city ticket all the way to Cabo, Mexico…and on a couple days it goes all the way down to just $90 for a hidden city airfare to New Orleans.

ATLANTA:  Airline price: $244.  Save yourself a hundred bucks by booking to Orlando or New Orleans, and your hidden city routing cost you just $142.

DETROIT:  Airline price: $227.  Hidden city airfares to Orlando for $142 or JFK airport in New York City for just $123 are available most days.

CINCINNATI: Airline price: $314.  Ouch!  Book a hidden city ticket instead to Orlando or Boston most days, and get it for just $142…better than half-price!

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