FOCUS CITY: Dallas/Ft. Worth

Today let’s look at flights out of DFW over the next week.  Flying to…..

HOUSTON:  Airline price: $225 (pretty damn pricey for a short flight in a market dominated by 3 huge airlines…can you say “collusion”?) However, hidden city tickets to Raleigh/Durham (RDU) are available for just $135.  BONUS:  If Southwest from Dallas LOVE field to Houston HOBBY works for you, Southwest has flights to New Orleans as low as just $140.  Read my post from earlier in the week on how to find hidden city ticketing opportunities on Southwest Airlines…the one major airline that DOES NOT prohibit hidden city fares!

ATLANTA:  Airline price:  $232.  Hidden city ticketing to Ft. Lauderdale brings this down to just $142.

CHICAGO:  Airline price:  $233.  Hidden city fares can knock nearly a hundred bucks off that price:  $135 to Raleigh/Durham, $145 to Hartford, and $152 to Canton/Akron.

DETROIT:  Airline price: $244-301.  But find your hidden city airfare to Ft. Lauderdale for just $142.

PHOENIX:  Airline price:  $170-224.  Under $200 is not a bad deal, but a hidden city routing to Ontario California is better at just $128.

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