Focus on BOSTON

BOSTON is today’s focus city.  Here’s a variety of the savings you can achieve using hidden city tickets on flights out of Boston over the next week.

SAN FRANCISCO:  Airline price:  $419-$510 (ouch!).  Book a hidden city ticket to Vancouver Canada or Las Vegas and get it down to the low $200 range…it’s even available as low as $157 on a couple days.

PHOENIX:  Airline price:  $348.  Hidden city airfares to Salt Lake City are as low as $215, or to Vancouver Canada on Saturday for just $157.

HOUSTON: Airline price:  $192-199 (not too bad).  But hidden city ticketing to New Orleans is just $125.

CHARLOTTE:   Airline price:  $228-$250.  Hidden city airfares can save you over a hundred dollars on this one:  Detroit at $126, Cleveland at $132, and Fort Lauderdale at $154.

DENVER:  Airline price:  $279-$286.  Hidden city fares to Portland ($202) and San Jose California ($150) are available most days.

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