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How it Works

Your first step is to see how much the airlines want to gouge you for a last-minute ticket. We presume you've already done that, or else you wouldn't be here! Finding a last-minute airfare bargain with AirFareIQ's Hidden City Fare Finder is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 !

All you do is choose your departure city and your arrival city (the city you actually want to fly to), and click "search". When you do, our magic computer elves scurry about all over the internet searching for lower fares for flights over the course of the next 3 days. For example, if you choose San Francisco to Charlotte, the magic hidden city elves look first at the airline fares between those two cities. Then they look at San Francisco to Washington, and San Francisco to Boston, and San Francisco to New York, etc. They find flights to those cities (and more...over 100 different cities, in fact, across North America and even flights to Central and South America and Europe) which have connections in Charlotte. They do all this for today's date, then again for tomorrow, and once again for the day after that. That means that your one search might result in our busy elves actually looking at literally thousands of flights just to find you the few that will save you big money!

When our elves are done, we'll show you the hidden city fares we've found. They will include the airline and flight times for your trip, AND the connecting flight information that makes up the entire hidden city ticket. We'll show you the results for hidden city flights and fares available over the course of the next three days.

Remember, these are all ONE-WAY fares. If you need a round-trip, not to worry: just check for fares in the opposite direction by changing your departure and arrival cities and searching again.

If we've found a flight and fare that works for you, it's simply a matter of opening up another window or tab on your computer, going to the airline website, and booking your trip. Because our research isn't currently "real time", it's occasionally possible that a fare/flight combination we found a few hours ago is now sold out or otherwise no longer available...but we've provided you with ALL the hidden city fares we found, so finding an alternative is as easy as choosing the previous or next flight on the list.

By the way, sometimes we don't find any hidden city fares that will save you money, and we'll tell you about it. This often happens between cities where fierce airline competition already keeps fares low...Dallas to Houston is one good example where we rarely find meaningful discounts.

Here are some things to remember about our current system.
We're always working to expand and make improvements, but at this moment:

We only offer hidden city fare finder for flights between these 20 major airline hub cities (see the map above). This is where most of the hidden city fare opportunities are anyway, but we're hoping to offer more cities in the future.

Several cities are restricted to ONLY 1 of the 2 or more airports that serve that city or metropolitan area:
LOS ANGELES: Restricted to only LAX (Los Angeles International)
SAN FRANCISCO: Restricted only to SFO (San Francisco International)
HOUSTON: Restricted to only IAH (Houston Intercontinental)
DALLAS: Restricted to only DFW (Dallas-Ft. Worth International)
CHICAGO: Restricted to only ORD (O'Hare International Airport)

Two of the cities we currently serve may return various different departure or arrival (connecting) airports, so make sure you look closely at the itineraries so you're sure of which airport you are leaving from or arriving at:
NEW YORK CITY: May include JFK (JFK International), LGA (LaGuardia) or EWR (Newark, NJ)
WASHINGTON DC: May include IAD (Washington Dulles), DCA (Reagan National) or BWI (Baltimore International).

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There are FIVE VERY IMPORTANT RULES to follow when using Hidden City Tickets. Make SURE you know them all! (Hint: Pack Light!)


We don't sell airline tickets, but we can show you HOW to buy bargain last-minute, short-notice flights between 20 major cities in just a few minutes!

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You might think that flying a shorter distance, on just one flight would cost less than flying a much longer distance on two flights...but you'd be wrong!


Are Hidden City Tickets Legal?

Using a hidden city fare is perfectly legal. A major airline even says so on their website! But the airlines really don't like it, and can try to thwart you!

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