Today’s Focus City: ATLANTA

Here are some hot Hidden City Ticketing deals from Atlanta this week:

CHICAGO:  Airline price: $244.  Hidden City Fare:  $152 by booking to St. Louis.

NEW YORK CITY:  Airline Price: $233.  Hidden City Ticket:  Depending on the day, the fare is $152-$181 by booking yout trip to either St. Louis, Detroit, Minneapolis, or Canton/Akron  (Although Thursday does show a standard fare at the moment of $173.)

DENVER:  Airline price:  $214.  Hidden city ticketing to Vancouver Canada will get that down to just $172.

SAN FRANCISCO:  Airline price:  $417.  Again, book it to Vancouver and it comes down to $172 (Although Thursday is currently showing a standard fare of $199 available).

LOS ANGELES:  Airline price:  $267.  Once again, Vancouver to the rescue at just $172 (However, Tuesday and Thursday are showing a few standard fares seats available at $180…a great fare if those days work for you!)

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