Today’s Focus City: New York

Almost every day I choose one city to focus on and provide some hidden city ticketing examples.  Today it’s the Big Apple, and here are where some of the deals are for trips this coming week:

PHOENIX:  Airline price: at least $265.  Make a hidden city booking to San Jose del Cabo, MEXICO, and it comes down to as low as $159.

LOS ANGELES (LAX): Airline price: $286.  Hidden city ticket to San Jose California via LAX is just $211.

MINNEAPOLIS: Airline price: ranging from $260 to $292.  But book a hidden city fare from NYC to Chicago VIA Minneapolis, and it drops by more than half to just $118!

DETROIT:  Airline price: from $229.  Book your flight instead all the way to Miami VIA Detroit, and you’ll save at least a hundred bucks…it’s just $122.

CLEVELAND:  Airline price: from $228 to $319.  But here comes Chicago to the rescue again…a hidden city ticket from NYC to Chicago via a Cleveland connection is only $118.

LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW to tell me which city you’d like me to focus on next!

As always, remember to follow The Rules for successful flights and savings!

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