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For the past few years, AirFareIQ has been mostly about using Hidden City Ticketing to save big money on “last-minute flights”, and primarily in the USA, and furthermore mainly between the 20 major airline hubs.  But as the airline industry has continued to evolve, more opportunities for using airfare loopholes have opened up.  I’ll be sharing these with you, and regularly posting updates and examples for you to take advantage of.  Here’s some of what’s to come:

HIDDEN CITY FARES ON SOUTHWEST AIRLINES:   Southwest is my favorite airline, but until fairly recently they haven’t had many meaningful hidden city flight opportunities.  But as they’ve grown to be the country’s largest domestic carrier, we now have more Southwest hidden city fares that can save you a bunch of bucks…we just have to use some different tools to find them.  And Southwest does NOT prohibit hidden city tickets!

INTERNATIONAL FLYING:  That’s right, there are opportunities to use airfare loopholes all over the globe.  I’ll be addressing international routes all over the world…and in some cases, “The Rules” are even easier than domestic USA flights.

“HALF-WAY CITIES”:  Non-hub cities, in the past, were still candidates for hidden city tickets. Then the airlines tightened up their routing rules, and they went away.  But recently a few have returned.  I’ll show you how to find them.

“SPLIT TICKETING”:  Another trick that can save some folks a decent amount of money if applied carefully and correctly…especially for those living in smaller, non-airline-hub markets.

CREDIT CARD BONUSES:  The co-branded credit card business has become almost as important to airline profits as flying passengers…so much so that sometimes just getting the right credit card can save you HUNDREDS of dollars.

Hang on, it’s gonna be a fun ride.  Please keep in touch via comments, Facebook “likes”, and let’s all get the airfares we deserve (not the ones the airlines try to push on us!).  Feel free to post questions in the comments section, and I’ll try to quickly address as many as I can.

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